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sequence Simplicity

Our first principle for website design and database design is simplicity. As quoted from Albert Einstein in the w3schools resource for W3.CSS, "Make it as simple as possible, but not simpler."

sequence Consistency

Our second principle for website design and database design is consistency. Consistency in website design is achieved by systematic use of cascading style sheets (CSS), which ensure that page elements such as headings, body text, bulleted and numbered lists, tables and menu sets all appear in a consistent way throughout a website. This ensures readability and makes navigation easy. In database design, consistency is achieved through the use of a relational database structure, where frequently-used data elements are drawn from separate tables for use in drop-down lists in the main data entry areas.

sequence Validation

Our third principle for website design and database design is validation. Validation for website design is done by using Nu Html Checker. This online HTML parser checks for valid HTML5 syntax and usability. In database design, validation is achieved by considering uniqueness where required in fields; range of input content and format for data elements; and referential integrity in a relational database design.

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